Aquarium fish grow faster

How can I make my fish grow faster? (no)

In order to grow fish faster the most important fact to be considered is that water should not be polluted. Moreover CP fish feeds tends to give the fastest growth as well as lowest FCR and is meant to be the premium quality feed. 

The growth rate of a fish could be determined by various factors and could be influenced in many ways. The main goal for most of the people having aquariums is growing the healthiest and biggest fish possible. It is important to have an understanding of what effects the growth rate of fish would eventually help you make your fish grow faster.

The growth rate of fish is closely linked to the warm temperatures. This is process in which the surface water warms and shallow water fish thrive  and so as deep water fish decline. It is also important to make sure that the fish is being given right size feed according to the average body weight of the fish. Fish growth is usually continuous.

Some of them develop rapidly growing to adult size in a span of few months. However other fish might take up to 10 years in order to reach full growth. The best way of making your fish grow faster is to provide a healthy yet safe environment.

Some of the important steps should be taken into account such as making sure that the water quality is being monitored, to provide high quality food to fish, putting fish into a larger tank and doing regular water changes. Using unnatural ways of speeding up the growth process should be avoided as that could do more harm than good. 

It is important to do change water on regular basis if you wish to keep your fish healthy and happy. Even if an individual has a high quality filter that does majority of work, but still there is a need to make sure that water is changed once or twice every month. Changing the water can significantly lower the fatal compounds and improve the clarity of tank paving way towards faster growth of fish. 

Ways of making fish growth faster

There are several ways of making fish growth faster firstly putting the fish into a larger tank would not automatically make fish grow faster however putting them into a tank that is too small can hinder their growth preventing them from growth. Small tanks consist of a lot of downsides that some fish keepers do not realize at first. Small tanks restrict the activity stopping the fish from much exercise having high risks of lesser growth because low activity hinders the growth. If your are transferring fish into a big tank the first and foremost step would be letting your fish get used to their home first. This is a process known as Acclimating in which fish need to adjust first whenever they are transferred to a new place just like humans. With fish the difference is whether or not their adjusting to the new tank would be a matter between life and death and just if actually they will grow fast or not. 

It can be made easier by keeping a technique in mind while you are transferring your fish into a new tank, put them into a thin container or a plastic bag that would be floated on the surface of tank. Followed by the first step let them float for about 30-40 minutes. Add a small amount of water from their new home into the container or bag after every five minutes in order to get them adjusted prior to allowing them to swim into the tank. 

 Aquarium fish grow faster

Ensuring the right temperature

Most of the fish require a certain temperature for being at their optimum health. For example Bettas require their tank to be at 78 degrees to 80 degrees. High temperatures have a risk of causing them to age faster whereas lower tempura could make them loggy. They are not able to regulate their own body temperature and thus rely of fish keepers in order to maintain a constant as well as suitable water temperature all the time. On the other hand Danios require slightly lower temperatures at 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Most of the freshwater fish possess similar temperature requirements that lies between 75 degrees to 80 degrees. Living in a tropical country makes it a little harder to regulate temperature as the water temperature is a bit higher over there. However if fish keeper lives in a normally cold place then he’ll certainly get benefit from getting a heater that would eventually ensure that the temperature of tank is always at the right range. This tends to be certainly one of the best yet easiest ways of making the fish grow faster and it is ethical too. 

Plants and Decorations are significant

Some people might not think of decorating or planting but here is why plants and decorations hold a significant role in the growth rate of fish. There are many breeds of fish that usually require a number of hiding places in the form of decorations and plants for getting a safe place in order to retreat to if they are stressed. 

Too much stress could hinder the growth of fish due to the release of a stress hormone called cortisol. It is necessary to do a detailed research on this because the kinds of decorations greatly depend on the species of the fish. Some usually prefer rocks or tunnels whereas some opt for heavily planted aquariums. 

It is concluded that fish can grow strong and big if they are given enough tank space and are given a complete space in order to adjust to the new tanks, ensuing to have clean as well as clear tanks with accurate temperature and taking into account that highest possible quality of food is being fed. The right thing to take action on to as a fish keeper is doing all of the right things and allowing fish to just grow naturally. 

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