Most Popular pet fish

What is the Most Popular Pet Fish ?

Tiger barbs, oscars, goldfish, convict cichlids, fancy goldfish, and Betta splendens, are the most famous species to be kept as pets. 

There are millions of beautiful and fascinating fish that you can keep in your fish tank and enhance the beauty of your place. There are also thousands of people who love to keep fish as their pets. If you are also developing this beautiful fond in your personality, then we suggest you spend a few minutes on this article because we are going to elaborate on the most charismatic and friendly fishes that you can keep as a pet fish 

As mentioned earlier there are thousands and thousands of varieties and breeds that are ideal for your fish tank and you can keep them without any major difficulties.  But as the name indicates, pet fish means that you will make it your family just like we have cats and dogs as our pet.  Mainly tiger barbs, Oscars, goldfish, convict cichlids, fancy goldfish, and Betta splendens,  are the most favorite fishes that are ideal to have as a pet. Which fish live in any water

Let’s jump into the details without delaying anymore.

Betta Splendens

What a beautiful name!  right? Well, this fish is on the first in our list because of its beauty and it’s very quirky nature.  Betta fish are tropical fish, and they are habitual of tolerating cooler water temperatures. You can easily keep them at a temperature of approximately 70 Fahrenheit.  

Most Popular Pet Fish

We suggest you keep them at approximately 78 to 82 Fahrenheit temperature. Usually, male betta fish are very fierce and they are more into themselves. And that is the reason they are usually kept alone in their fish tanks. Even sometimes they do not get close to females as well.

This distinct nature of this fish makes it very unique and popular among all fish lovers. Sometimes it looks like a soaked colorful leaf in the water. Hence we can give it 10 on 10 for its beauty and it swims eagerly so it will keep you active. And you must always be admiring the beauty of this fish whenever you see it in your fish tank.

Fancy Goldfish

There are only a few fish species that deserve this name. Goldfish have a great personality and they always attract the owners as well as other people watching them.  It is one of the most common fish that people have kept as their pets.  The main reason why goldfish is the first preference of every fish lover is its easy care and endearing personality. 

Most Popular Pet Fish
Free goldfish image, public domain animal CC0 photo.

These fish can grow larger in a very short time. In this regard, you need to keep a larger fish tank or aquarium. For example, if you want to keep a few fancy goldfish in an aquarium then it must have the capacity of 10-gallons of water at its initial young age. But they usually grow better and survive in larger fish tanks and outdoor ponds.  

Their unique body shape and color combination attracts everyone, and it looks very charismatic in a fishing tank. Additionally, there are some other breeds that give different colors so you can purchase them according to your preferences and desires.

Convict Cichlids

This fish also has many breeds as well as species.  This fish mainly comes from Central America, and it has fitted well in the category of good pet fish.  It is approximately ¼ the size of an Oscar fish. It is a very small fish, but it has a much bigger attitude than other fish. Convicts have the ability to defend their territory and they do not like anyone encroaching on their territory.

Most Popular Pet Fish

Overall they have a very catching personality, and they are pretty much fun to watch.  Their breeding can be done very easily, and they are very good at taking care of their young ones. So observing them with their young ones can also be very fascinating. 

Make sure that they are not very good at making new homes so it can be difficult if you keep on changing the aquarium. If you want to keep it in its best health, then make sure that you are giving them the right diet.

Ocellaris Clownfish

You must have remembered an animated movie with the main character Nemo. This is one of the most widely kept pet fish all across the globe.  Ocellaris clownfish is a marine species, and it is also kept as a pet fish in saline water. These are very captivating, and the color is always very fascinating.  Orange and white stripes, along with black boundaries, make it very beautiful. 

 These are very specialized and demand more care when kept in freshwater. Some species of this fish face hard times of survival when kept in typical community tanks with fresh water, but it is not that much difficult. For its fish tank biocube coralife aquarium can fit this very appropriately to this fish, and it will make it home very soon. If you want to help it grow stronger and faster try to keep it in a saltwater aquarium.


Oscars are one of the most famous and considered intelligent fish in the aquarium. They show specialized manners so that they can perform some tricks as well, which are totally remarkable and wonderful.  Oscars are very vigilant, and they eagerly swim here and there in the tank. They are also very friendly with humans.

Generally, Oscars can grow over 12 inches long, and for that purpose, you need to have a big aquarium. Not less than a 75-gallon water capacity aquarium is needed.  However, it is worthy to purchase a 125-gallon capacity aquarium for your Oscar fish. It is very expensive, and many times it can introduce itself with diseases and is not very healthy. You must feed a balanced diet of dried or frozen food of pallets to your Oscar fish.

The Final Statement

In the end, we conclude that there are numerous fishes that are ideal to be kept as pet fish. However, you can purchase any of the above-mentioned fishes as per your personal liking. Moreover, you must also look into their traits and their habitats so that they can easily survive in a new habitat.

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