Top 5 coolest freshwater fish (Ideas For Beginners)

Top 5 coolest freshwater fish (Ideas For Beginners)

Freshwater fish species are the most appropriate choices if you are a beginner because these freshwater species are easy to handle and do not require too much maintenance and work. Once you get an expert in fishing, you can move on to other exotic fish species options.

Many versatile and reliable freshwater unique options are available for your personal choice. The most common choices among these species include Killifish, cichlids, kissing fish, etc. These freshwater fish species are easy to care for and look after. The easy caring activity will help you create an aquarium of your choice with your favorite fish inside the tank.

Here we will provide you with a couple of the most trending options so that you can choose any of it without needing clarification about specific approaches. For the choice, you can even contact a professional to avoid future issues.

To get a precise choice idea as a beginner, let’s find out the details in the section below.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish

As a beginner, it is very worthwhile for you to have a precise idea about the aquarium’s needs and fish-caring aspects. Because you can not handle confusion appropriately, and you will be unable to pursue the aquarium activities.

For easy handling and the most authentic fishing aspects, here is the most versatile and easy-to-handle fish options – Freshwater Fish Species. You will come across countless versatile options when you get into the details professionally.

For easy choice, some of the most worthy freshwater fish options are;


It is an omnivore freshwater fish option available to you that is a widespread choice for your aquarium. Cichlids are omnivores so you can feed them other small fish options and commercial fish food. Not only this, but they also take up the fish’s offspring and eggs found around them in the aquarium. So you have to be careful about their feeding behaviors.

For the responding behaviors, cichlids are quite dominant to overrule the aquarium, which is why the expert advises not to put the two cichlids together in the same tank due to dominance factors.

If you are worried about their population as they grow faster, you can go for prevention by altering the water temperatures. Try to keep the water tank at a moderate level of water temperature. Because the female cichlids can not ovulate in too much warm or too cold water. So you have to be in between the temperature range.


This is the most commonly heard name for the freshwater fish species. The fish species love to socialize and feel happy to live in groups. Because when they are kept alone in the aquarium, that might get stressed and not give the same keeping result. It starts showing different temperaments.

If the angelfish is feeling something unusual, it starts giving intimated behavior. In terms of intimated behavior and changes, the fish stop feeding activity and won’t eat. You have to tackle the non-eating situations appropriately.

Kissing Fish

Kissing Gourami is the species that gets the unique name due to its appearance. It has a pout face that is constantly moving toward other fishes. So one of the gestures that go off this shape is that it is always up to kissing the other fishes.

They can easily adjust to any aquarium with other fishes, and are social in their nature and behaviors. They won’t show loud activities and keep a calming gesture throughout.

The most extended size noticed for this species is around 10 inches, but if you want your kissing fish to grow this size, you have to invest your time and effort in it. The average size for the kissing fish falls around 4 inches typically.


This fish belongs to the cyprinodontiformes group. This group contains around 100 versatile fish species, and Killifish is one of them.

They are adequate to go within your aquarium condition. Because it does not compete like other species for swimming patterns, food, and additional related water and climatic conditions, it is easy to adjust to any water temperatures.

The more noticeable point for the Killifish to choose from is their different colors. The species are available in many color schemes that attract people and allure your living area in a fascinating way.


The scientific name for molly fish is Poecilia Sphenops. They are habitual of passive temperament that is very easy to deal with. It is found in Malaysia and adjusts to any climatic condition quickly and easily.

They can grow up to 3 to 5 inches. So you have to keep the aquarium width accordingly. If you are going with the molly fish option, you must choose a tank that has the capacity of around 20 gallons.

It is very easy to keep freshwater species that are relatively inexpensive in terms of food patterns. They are calm, quiet, and not aggressive in responding behaviors and are one of the most worthy and easy options available for beginners.


It is a relatively large size freshwater species for your fish tank. It grows up to 5 inches and is available in different colors to attract people.

This species group is stable, independent, and quiet and has no tough competition for food and other related activities. If you are looking for an easy-to-handle fish option and large size requirement, anostomidae is one of the most suitable options. You won’t regret seeking a species for your water tank.

The Final Statement

The choice of fish for a water tank should be prudent and concise so that you can get a socialized companion. When you have your favorite fish in the aquarium, it would be very relaxing to see them swimming and moving in the tank.

We have summarized some of the options in the content above to provide you with some of the worthy freshwater fishing options. We hope it helps your interest.

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