Feed Your Fish Properly

How to Feed Your Fish Properly-FishClans

An individual should feed his fish two or three times on daily basis. A few flakes are sufficient for each fish. It is important that the fish eat all the food in two minutes or less. However overeating could cloud the water ending up harming the fish

In terms of nature, mostly fish feed takes place in early morning and sometimes at dusk. However fish could be fed at any time of the day usually morning and evening feedings tend to be best. What fish eat greatly depends upon whether they are herbivores that is plant eaters of carnivores that is meat eaters or sometimes omnivores that is both. How much they eat and how often they solely depends on the dietary preferences, the availability of food and well as their appetite. It is very important to know that what the fish eat in nature and is required to be fed accordingly. 

Feed Your Fish Properly

. It is important to feed fish two or three times on daily basis. A few flakes are sufficient per fish. The fish is required to eat all the food in two minutes or less then that. However overfeeding has a risk of clouding the water and harming the fish. There is a good rule of thumb while working out how much food to be offered to the fish is seeing what they could dispose of per minute. If they instantly finish all the individual offers in under a minute then the right amount is food ia being given to the fish. If it is taking more than a minute then they are definitely being offered too much food. Generally most fish do quite well on one or two feedings everyday. Most of the fish require 16-24 hours for fully digesting the food they eat a once a day feeding technique is quite sufficient. However some of owners mainly prefer to feed their fish very lightly twice a day

How often should individual feed the fish.?

The fact that majority of fish do considerably  fine on just one feeding per day, however some of the fish keepers prefer feeding two or sometimes three meals. This could be due to several reasons which include: 

  • The main reason is fish keepers have more interaction with their fish
  • Fish might appear hungry several times a day
  • Their might be a possibility that several feedings are recommended on the food packaging. 

How many times an individual feeds his fish would almost dictate the time he feeds them certainly. For those people who feed three times a day for instance, feedings are required to be fairly evenly spaced parting into morning, afternoon and evening feed. On the other hand the time is more flexible for those fish keepers who feed only once per day. 

What is Exception to the Rule?

There are some exceptions to rule for feeding fish any time the person chooses. These also include the feeding of nocturnal fish who would be plain well as well as simply asleep during the day. That means there would be no point of feeding them during the certain period of time as they would not be awake to eat. The best time for feeding nocturnal fish could be as the fish keeper is going to bed himself

The is mainly because he would be switching his aquarium lights off.  Herbivorous fish that are plant eaters are also meant to be an exception to the rule because of their natural feeding behaviour. These kind if fish generally eat throughout the day not considering the time that means they are hungry most of the time. The hunger occurs because herbivorous fish have small stomachs which limit the amount they could eat in one sitting. It is proposed that fish keepers feed fish which fall into the plant eating category that is approximately five to six times per day. 

What is the best time of the day to feed fish?

If we follow the general rule of thumb that most of the fish can be fed at a time of day that suits fish keeper would always be a good practice. They can be fed anytime during the day whenever they are awake however not when they just wake up in the morning and also not right before lights out. They get adjusted to the schedule. The most significant point is not to overfeed them. Most of the experienced fish keepers feed their fish only once a day along with making fish fast one day every week

. It solely depends on the fish if fasting is good for them. Some fish keepers choose to skip one or two days of feeding in order to ensure that overfeeding does not lead to an issue causing health issues. However large predatory fish have the chances of needing to eat a few times a week. On the other hand baby fry and Nano fish tend to have smaller stomachs and they need to eat more frequently. They focus on only feeding their fish what they could eat in a couple minutes. As the quote states, “ A hungry fish is a healthy fish. 
Overfeeding could lead to poor water quality which has a risk of poisoning fish or stressing their immune system making them vulnerable to diseases and parasites. Over feeding also results in bloating which has a risk of killing fish if left untreated

What should be fed to fish?

In order to keep a good care of fish it is important to know about food for fish. Following points should be taken into consideration to exactly know what should fish eat: 

  • Are they omnivores, herbivores or carnivores?
  • Do they prefer eating frozen foods, live foods or dry prepared foods?
  • What size of food would best fit in their mouth?
  • Do fish need sinking food or floating foods as some fish tend to eat from the top, middle or even bottom of the aquarium
  • Is the food being given to fish actually tasty and does the food gets eaten quickly?

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